First on the list will be update 5 (Service Pack 5) – this is well on the way and focuses on management features. More info about this update soon. Now we are trying to move to more frequent updates, rather than service packs.

NOT included in update 5, but being developed as we speak are:

  • The Hotel Module – The wake up call will be included in SP5, the PMS integration will be delivered in update 6.
  • Click2Call – This functionality was included in v14 and will make it back into update 6.
  • Playlists for music on hold (folder with multiple wav files and you can shuffle through them). This will make it into update 6.
  • Web based client (includes web based wallboard) – New look, new features, easy to use. Not sure if it can make it into update 6.
  • VAD Voice applications – we have redeveloped the VAD functionality and merged it with the queue module, allowing it to interact with the queue. It will also have outbound capabilities and be much more high performing. Not sure if it can make it into update 6.
  • Hotdesking – much requested but we are working on integrating it natively into the architecture. Not sure if it can make it into update 6.

The features that will make it into Update 6 should be available in the coming month or two. The others might make it into update 6, but if not will make it into the following update.