Hybrid Solutions

Not ready to upgrade?

Unsure about a VoIP Business Phone System?

Uncertain when / if  you should make the jump.  Keep your existing phone system!

C1 can help you with a Hybrid Solution and introduce your business to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Rather than subscribing to a mixed bag of different platforms with often non-compatible elements.  Combine all of those services onto one platform to make it more manageable.  Streamline for your operations.

A simpler, unified platform provides your staff more productivity and greater consistency with clients and customers.  The customer experience becomes more engaging and elevates your service levels.

Messaging via Facebook or through SMS Texting, is quick, convenient, responsive and provides a medium more consistent with the interactive preferences used in today’s world.  By centralizing the Contact Center and having its duties shared amongst your staff allows for quick correspondence with an audit of the chats for references.   Learn More

Giving your team and clients more options to communicate with one another is a great “Add On” to your organization.  C1’s Hybrid Systems allow you to retain your existing phone system and incorporate the business messaging tools available today via the web.  Prepare your platform today with a hybrid system and consolidate your communication channels with your phone system later, when you are ready.

C1, your next step to attaining a unified communications solution, ready for the multi medium millennium!


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