Focused on Client Needs

C1 Networx Maintenance and Support clients receive monthly internet service free with their subscription.

The “Big Guys” focus on the Internet primarily and client services as complimentary options.

As “Local Guys” we consider client services primarily and the internet as a complimentary option.

Some benefits of having C1WEB managing your internet include:

  • Better Service Levels (SLAs) – Have you ever called your internet provider and endured long wait times, and had to call back several times to resolve your issue? Call us for a timely resolution with one call.
  • Less troubleshooting for you – Instead of troubleshooting with a customer service agent in a call centre over the phone, allow our team of certified, experienced network administrators familiar with your network environment troubleshoot your network and internet issues.
  • Best available speeds for all your sites – As wholesalers of large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) we can provide you the fastest speed available at each of your company’s sites, saving you from having to deal with multiple service providers and their differing technologies
  • Unique to your business needs – We can tailor your internet service to suit your business needs. An example would be providing you a primary connection from Rogers with a backup connection from Bell so if an issue happens with your primary connection on your end, or on the providers’ end, your service can fail over to your backup connection without causing disruption to your business.