Managed Telephone Systems

For many organizations, maintaining Telephone systems is cumbersome, costly, and time consuming. C1WEB will install, program, administer, and change any telephone specifications you desire so you can focus on your core business while reducing the need for in-house IT resources.

  • Small to large telephone systems
  • Off-site (hosted)
  • On-site (local)
  • VoIP or Hybrid
  • Single-site
  • Multi-site
  • Home office
  • Mobile extensions
  • Phone to computer integration
  • Voicemail to email integration
  • Fax to email integration
  • Find me / follow me service.

VoIP Business Lines & Solutions

Telephone systems have drastically evolved and can now utilize internet technologies (SIP Trunks) to offer clients a greater and more enhanced communication experience.

VoIP Business systems allow corporations to use their existing resources more efficiently and allows administrators to maintain these devices on a singular, shared network.   The cost-savings that generally ensue enables companies to apply resources to other customer engaging technologies such as web/video conferences.

C1WEB has several customizable options available to you to provide for your telecommunications needs.

  • C1WEB Hosted IP-PBX provides enhanced calling features and carrier-grade up-time (99.99%) without requiring you to have an on-site PBX.
  • We can connect your existing VOIP or analog PBX to our phone network to provide you phone service without requiring you to upgrade your existing equipment.
  • Additionally we can install and configure one or more 3CX VOIP PBX’s at your businesses site(s) with optional redundancy, load balancing and failover capabilities.
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3CX Certified Platinum Partner

3CX Phone System for Windows is a software based PBX for Windows that works with SIP standard based IP Phones, SIP trunks and VoIP Gateways to provide a full PBX solution – without the inflated cost and management headaches of an old style hardware based PBX.


Reduce your Telephone Bill

Using 3CX, companies can reduce their telephone costs by up to 80%, by leveraging SIP trunks, WebRTC, free calling to remote extensions and offices and reducing the number of fixed telephony lines.

Several advatanges of the 3CX Phone System include:

  • Software based: Easy to install & manage
  • Inexpensive to buy and expand
  • Work from anywhere with iOS & Android clients
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure & Server hardware
  • Standards based – use popular IP Phones, SIP Trunks
  • Click 2 Call from your website

Engage your Clients like never before!

Combine your telephone systems to your computer network’s, video & web technologies for conversations and presentations with high definition video and crisp audio, as if you were meeting in person. Our 3CX Communication System allows you to:

  • Do video conferencing with customers to visualize a sales pitch and enhance the customer experience. It’s as easy as sending a web link to start a video call or putting a link on your web page.
  • Share your screen to provide a demonstration or direct clients to a particular website.
  • Host effective webinars to showcase your products and services.
  • Save time, energy, and money by having online company meetings with employees at remote sites without having to travel.
  • Provide unlimited access for all of your employees and clients with one low, yearly fee
  • Receive faxes as PDF files in your email eliminating the need and cost of paper and equipment.
  • Forward voicemails to your email saving you the hassle of calling in to receive them.
  • Call clients directly from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
  • Match inbound calls with clients to automatically pull up customer records and log the call in your CRM package.

Make C1 your one call solution for all your telephone, computer and internet needs!