Maintenance and Support

Provided in all C1 Service Plans

Preferred On-Site Rates

Customers under contract will receive a reduced hourly rate for on-site and remote service work.

L1: Telephone Support

Our Network Operating Centre (NOC) is available to provide over the telephone support for any Level 1 service.  Level 1 services include:  system, feature, or programming questions that may arise that can be resolved within 15 minutes

Mon-Fri     8 am – 5 pm

System Backup

A complete PBX database back-up will be made remotely at C1 data centers in preparation of a system failure. Each time system back-up is made, C1  will store a copy of all files delivered by the backup.

Alarm Monitoring

A C1 technician will remotely observe your PBX Infrastructure, monitoring for any issues that may arise to be addressed.

If client is not under contract, service fees apply.

L1: Remote Support

Upon receipt of a service request during normal business hours, the L1 Team at C1 will quickly determine if the service request may be conducted remotely.  If so, it shall be scheduled for fulfillment according to the client’s level of support.

If client is not under contract, remote programming fees apply.

Mon-Fri      8 am – 5 pm

Emergency Standby

C1 Technicians will be on stand-by via the Network Operating Centre (NOC); monitoring and reacting to emergencies as they arise

24 x 7 for Contracted Clients

L2: Remote Programming

Remote programming sessions address pre-planned and C1 approved changes to your system that can be completed remotely and do not require an on-site technician.  To receive remote programming, changes must be submitted to C1 in advance of implementation.

If client is not under contract, remote programming fees apply.

L2: Software Updates & Patches

Software maintenance updates are provided from the manufacturer from time to time.  These maintenance updates are required to ensure the proper operation of your PBX system.  C1 will apply these updates at an agreed pre-scheduled time with the client and typically during non-business hours.

If client is not under contract, service fees apply.

Customer is required to retain annual software subscriptions or licensing.

Emergency Remote Support

Expedited Support:

C1 provides 4 hour emergency response for major failures and next business day response for minor failures.  Technician will respond remotely, logging into the system in an emergency situation to determine if dispatching is required or if remote remediation can be applied.

If client is not under contract, service fees apply.

24 x 7

L3: Scheduled On-Site Visits

Service Technician will go on-site for situation response to determine the issues and attempt to implement immediate reparations

If client is not under contract, service fees apply.

Emergency Dispatch

Expedited Support:

A C1 Technician will be dispatched to site within 4 hours during business hours for emergency situations.  Emergency situations during non-business hours shall have a technician dispatched within 8 hours.

Additional charges apply.

4 Hours 8×5
8 Hours 24×7

Replacement Parts

Non-Warranty customers will receive a custom quote for parts replaced during an emergency situation.  Warranty customers receive this benefit as part of the Warranty program during normal hours of operation.

Available Service
Extra Charges apply