Business SMS Texting


Do you still use consumer apps to check incoming business messages? Are you giving out WhatsApp and personal numbers to chat with your colleagues? Not only is this unprofessional,  it is also not monitored or logged.

With C1 solutions you have the ability to send corporate text messages without having to resort to personal phone numbers, and you still maintain the ease and convenience to answer clients on your mobile devices while you are on the go.  Even better, C1 solutions provide a central place to respond to all live chats whether SMS  or Facebook messages.

Benefit from a single communication platform that handles all your messaging, internal and external, thus keeping you organized and connected with everyone.

Send SMS from Your Business Number

  • Text using your business number.
  • Send and receive SMS/text through 3CX.
  • Route incoming text messages directly to queues not individuals.
  • Prioritize messages in the queue. Ensure timely replies.

Keep in Touch with Colleagues

  • Message colleagues on the go or from home.
  • Communicate through business text, not personal apps.
  • Send text messages, links and more at no additional cost.
  • Save money on 3rd party services.

Manage Messages and Increase Productivity

  • Shoot off quick appointment reminders via SMS.
  • Reply to Facebook messages right from the 3CX extension.
  • Reports for insights into text messaging effectiveness.
  • Match contacts to an integrated CRM for universal contact tracking.