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The traditional, analog phone line is tried, tested and highly reliable. If it works, why replace it? Consider, what happens when it fails? A physical, on-site repair visit has a long wait time, all the while your business suffers under the resulting effects of downtime. Furthermore, the tempting low cost of an analog line from the big Telco’s has the all too common condition of locking you into a long term contract.

Telephone systems have drastically evolved and can now utilize internet technologies (SIP trunks) to offer clients a greater and more enhanced communication experience. SIP offers companies flexibility.  While analog resources are usually dedicated, SIP trunks make use of shared resources by allowing companies to use a telephone PBX for sending and receiving calls over the Internet. SIP trunks can handle more than just voice calls and can be used for: text messages, images, and video calls making it a smart investment for companies seeking unified communications.

If your business relies on analog, then with a hybrid setup you can still reap the benefits of both SIP trunks and compatible analog lines.

C1 Carrier Grade SIP Trunks

Enterprises, Municipalities and Healthcare facilities require carrier grade performance, reliability and up-time. All C1 SIP Trunk clients are connected directly to Primus facilities with 99.999% reliability.

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