Answer Facebook Messages From 3CX


When the response time indicator on your Facebook page says something like “5 days”, having a Facebook page can hurt your business more than it helps. Poor response time may be due to the burden placed on a single staff member or lack of coordination between multiple staff personnel monitoring your company Facebook messages.

C1 allows your company to respond to Facebook messages directly from our 3CX solution. The live chat feature enables your agents to respond to both Facebook and website messages immediately from a central location available on their web client or smartphone app. Connecting Facebook visitors to your sales team in real-time guarantees a boost in conversions. Messages can be handled easily by a single user on your system or coordinated, prioritized and routed to multiple users on your system.

By keeping all your communications on one platform and integrating with your CRM, you can also save big on time as well as monthly subscriptions.

Convert Facebook Visitors into Sales

  • Answer new Facebook leads faster.
  • Assign messages to your team manually or automatically.
  • Strengthen your brand with improved reply time ratings.
  • Track messages and responses.

One System for Messages, Calls & Video

  • Teams can keep on top of messages without logging into Facebook.
  • Agents stay focused. No need to switch between apps.
  • Chat not working? Elevate to a call or video.
  • Avoid additional live chat fees. Save hundreds of dollars!

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Ensure proper response priority by integrating SLA policies.
  • New support channel that gives clients more contact options.
  • Reports give you insights into reply times & messaging performance.
  • Agents reply right from their web extension which is invisible and seamless to clients.

Auto-Assign Facebook Messages to a Group

  • Assign Facebook messages to a group automatically.
  • Queue-based group handling of messages.
  • Tickets can be assigned to the first user that responds.
  • Facebook responses monitored and archived centrally.