C1 Professional System

Mobile Communications


Mobile Communications The World Should Be This Responsive With 3CX, you can take your extension wherever you go. With apps for Android and iOS, softphones for Windows and Mac, WebRTC softphone and clientless web conferencing you are guaranteed to be kept in the loop. Customers can instantly reach you directly from your [...]

VoIP Business Lines


VoIP Business Lines & Solutions The traditional, analog phone line is tried, tested and highly reliable. If it works, why replace it? Consider, what happens when it fails? A physical, on-site repair visit has a long wait time, all the while your business suffers under the resulting effects of downtime. Furthermore, the tempting [...]

Remote Work


Remote Work The demand to work remotely, from home or anywhere, caught businesses unprepared. Employees started using their personal messaging apps to communicate with colleagues and customers. It works to an extent, but personal information (status, phone number, etc.) is disclosed and the ability to record and log business calls was lost as [...]

IP Phones


IP Phones Older communication technology and PBX vendors can lock businesses and end-users into using their proprietary software or hardware exclusively. Today’s modern SIP Phones are able to work without being constrained to a particular brand or to the physical office. Any SIP phone manufacturer that supports the SIP standard, can be used [...]

Office 365 Integration


Microsoft Office 365 Integration Easily connect 3CX to Microsoft Office 365 and users can work seamlessly across both apps, managing contacts and streamlining tasks to increase efficiency. You can even launch calls directly from the Office 365 interface with the 3CX browser extension and Click2Call functionality. Sync your Office 365 contacts with your [...]

Facebook Integration


Answer Facebook Messages From 3CX When the response time indicator on your Facebook page says something like “5 days”, having a Facebook page can hurt your business more than it helps. Poor response time may be due to the burden placed on a single staff member or lack of coordination between multiple staff [...]


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